Focus on 35 years to build for you

Perfect smart outdoor space & shading system

Sunshine is the source of all things, and how to better manage and use the sun has always been a difficult task of high quality life.

In 1984, Mr. William Dorn founded the “SEROBAN” brand in Nice, France, focusing on providing a perfect sun management solution for every family, and is committed to producing outdoor leisure spaces and indoor and outdoor sunshade products.

“SEROBAN”In French has the double meanings of “palm trees by the sea” and “joy”. Which combine to create a harmonious scene of human, sunshine and nature.

In the past 35 years, SEROBAN has insisted on providing customers with innovative, professional, reliable and intelligent product. Every product combines unique technology with modern high-tech perfectly, giving it the highest quality and longecity, and creating a sunny and comfortable living space for millions of users。